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Just one human girl with an itch for travel. Uneasy with staying in one place too long, she made a choice to stay even when she felt it was wrong. With her knack for being brutally honest and upfront , she makes for a beautifully rude awakening.

[Independent OC RP blog, AU/Multi-verse. Mun and muse are over 21. I'm not picky about who I RP with. I welcome everyone. I am not Liz Gillies nor do I own any pictures of gifs I use of her unless otherwise stated.]

out of gas.

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     ”Hold on. I’m going to have to call you back.”

     Taking her phone from her face and pressing ‘Hang Up’, Cecilia stared at the blue Police Box she swore wasn’t there a moment ago. Taking a step forward, she was fairly certain that there was no such things as Police Boxes…

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10 years RP experience, 2 years Tumblr RP experience
                                           multi-ship, multi-universe, multi-fandom
                                                  selective but open to everyone.
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 ”Why do new parents insist on documenting their baby’s every breath, spit up, and movement?” 

    "Because, to be frank, people seem to think every bit of that is worth remembering even though every child does it. It’s nice to see in person, but you can watch it happen to any child, any day. People are just horribly over-sentimental nowadays.” Standing there with the pot of hot water, Cecilia knew she was overstepping the bounds of her job. But she really, really wanted to stick her opinion out there.

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out of gas.


out of gas.

Sorry for being gone forever. I made a new account and I have a strong attachment to it. Very loud muse. Cecilia does want to RP though. Come love me :D

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Stealing the TARDIS~Open//


"Nah, he won’t mind. Me and the Doctor have a…close relationship. Now, keep your hand on that button there and pull that handle…..yes that one. Ok, dear, ready for an adventure?"

"If this thing does what you say it does, I’m so in." Following her instructions, she kept her hand on the button and pulled the lever. "Ready."

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Send me ‘Fading to Dust’ for my muses reaction to watching yours die right in front of them.


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"Yes in my police box, my Tardis." Points to it. "Well it’s bigger on inside. You’ll see."

"What’s a police box? Better yet, what’s a TARDIS?" Looking at the blue-painted box, apparently one was supposed to use it to phone the local police. Inspecting the door, she opened the phone box part. "This phone is old, like 60’s old."

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I just want to hug everyone and give you all cookies but there’s a computer in the way. 


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